A Software Workbench for Developing, Deploying andControlling Time-critical Cloud Applications

A Software Workbench for Developing, Deploying andControlling Time-critical Cloud Applications

Authors: George Suciu, Victor Suciu (BEIA Consult International SRL); Elisa Morón López, Carlos Rubia Marcos (Wellness Telecom SL), Alexandre Ulisses (MOG Technologies SA)


The software workbench for interactive, timecritical and highly self-adaptive cloud applications (SWITCH) is a Horizon 2020 project that will provide tools for managing the complete lifecycle of time-critical applications within the Cloud, explicitly linking user-level QoS with programmable infrastructure and autonomous runtime monitoring and control.

Time-critical applications are required to respond immediately to a range of events that may occur at runtime. Often the quality of service (QoS) given directly impacts business value (e.g. for multimedia platforms) or public safety (e.g. for disaster response). Many such applications are distributed and highly demanding. Cloud environments provide on-demand virtualized infrastructure that could support such applications, but there is a lack of tools for exerting fine-grained control over software-defined infrastructure and applications at runtime.

The SWITCH workbench will provide tools for developing, deploying and controlling the execution of time-critical applications, supporting every stage of the application lifecycle. It will realise an application infrastructure co-programming and control model that relates application logic, QoS constraints, and developments in programmable infrastructure.


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