Cloud Replication for a Fingerprint Verification System

Cloud Replication for a Fingerprint Verification System

Authors: Chalee Vorakulpipat, Soontorn Sirapaisan, Ekekachan Rattanaleadnusorn, Visut Savangsuk (NECTEC); Thepparit Banditwattanawong (Sripatum University)


To identify biometric data, for example, fingerprint, face and voice, a biometric verification system has been widely adopted. This is because such biometric data areconsidered as one of the most accurate security system nowadays. However, big data of the biometric data are usually stored centralized, and are requested by clients through two-tier, three-tier, distributed systems which consume a lot of bandwidth. Therefore, using a portable mobile-based (smartphone or tablet) biometric verification system in a rural area where the internet connection is limited, such as mountainous sites are problematic when dealing with data sets. This study presents a design of a fingerprint verification system using a client-side cloud replication approach. This approach is aimed to reduce public cloud data-out expenses by using a hybrid method- offline and online, improve cloud network scalability and lower cloud service access latencies, as confirmed in another hybrid cloud approach, namely i-Cloud. The adoption of this approach can enable the system in a hybrid situation, offline and online context. The proposed system is expected to let users collect and verify fingerprint data within the mobile device without internet connection.


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