Poster Virtual Gallery

Here below are showcased all the poster that will be displayed at CF2016.

Virtual servers: the evolution toward perfection
A flexible provisioning agent for networked virtual infrastructure across multiple locales
Real business usage of serverless computing - Product Catalog Aggregator
Design Geo-publication service in the Cloud
A Software Workbench for Developing, Deploying andControlling Time-critical Cloud Applications
Self-organized and Flexible Distributed Resource Cluster: 'DisResc'
A Continuous Research Platform to advance full-stack Virtual Infrastructures
Towards Cloud-centric Distributed Database Evaluation
Trust and Data protection in multi-cloud environment: Elastic cloud solution with client-side encryption
Mobile Cloud Networking: Clone-to-clone communications
Design of hear exchangers in the Cloud
Cloud Replication for a Fingerprint Verification System
Nebula Suite Monster IOT
Digital Meets Culture

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