SME Event – Training Sessions

A series of training sessions for SMEs and projects will be organised in the framework of CF2016, complementing the scientific programme and the SME event. These sessions will be delivered by experts from AMETIC, CDTI, HOLA CLOUD and SLA-Ready in the afternoon of Wednesday 19 October 2016.

Below is a list of the planned training sessions together with a few information about their content.

The Potential of European Funded Research for European SME

When: Wednesday 19 October 2016, 14:30-16:00, Room: Ramon Gomez

Chair: Peter Deussen, Fraunhofer FOKUS

Speakers: Peter Deussen, Fraunhofer FOKUS; Sotiris Koussouris, DSSLab – NTUA; Ana Juan Ferrer, ATOS; Radu Prodan, Universität Innsbruck; Erkuden Rios, Tecnalia


Open source software is the generic name for both a legal construct to share intellectual property and an approach to cooperative software development. This approach has demonstrated its ability to produce world-class software, and many research and development projects funded by the European Commission publish innovative results as open source software, making them immediately available for being used by the European SME sector.

The objectives of this session are as follows:

  • To introduce the AppHub Marketplace that provides rapid access to Open Source software;
  • To provide an overview on European funded research
  • To understand the needs and requirements of European SMEs

AppHub is a non-profit marketplace aimed at facilitating the dissemination of open source software. AppHub helps European collaborative projects to implement an efficient dissemination and market outreach strategy, it helps SMEs to reach a global market, it is the marketplace where business users can discover, deploy and run quality open source software packages for their information systems.


  • What’s in the Store? AppHub, the European Open Source Marketplace (Peter Deussen, Fraunhofer FOKUS, AppHub Coordinator)
  • Innovation funded by the European Union: Statements from four thematic clusters:
    • Software Engineering for Services and Applications (Sotiris Koussouris, DSSLab – NTUA)
    • Inter-Cloud (Ana Juan Ferrer, ATOS)
    • Data protection, security and privacy in the Cloud (Erkuden Rios Velasco, Tecnalia)
    • Cloud resource and service management (Radu Prodan, Universität Innsbruck)
  • Panel Discussion

Do you have an opinion on European funded research? Help us to prepare the session by completing this questionnaire (will take 5 minutes only).

PCP and PPI, two instruments to foster innovation

When: Wednesday 19 October 2016, 14:30-15:00, Room: Sala de Juntas

Speaker: Antonella Fresa, Promoter Srl

Description: Both the public and the private sectors are faced with important challenges. Addressing these, often requires big investments and transformations. Sometimes solutions are near the market and would be provided if clear requirements/sufficient demand is expressed by the market. In other cases, there is still R&D required to de-risk technology and still competing solution approaches to compare before committing to large scale deployment. Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) and Public Procurement for Innovative Solutions (PPI) are two competition-like methods designed to steer the development of innovative solutions towards concrete public and private sector needs. These solutions are developed by external suppliers that are awarded a contract through a phased open procurement process. In the last years, the PCP and PPI instruments are becoming more and more popular and the European Union increased support for groups of procurers working together on joint PCPs and PPIs under Horizon 2020.

A step forward in technology transfer: innovating in global markets

When: Wednesday 19 October 2016, 15:00-16:00, Room: Sala de Juntas

Speaker: Jorge R. Mujico, MRI International

Description: Nowadays, the pace of change is so fast that a unique product or service today becomes, rapidly, a common product of tomorrow. Differentiation and increased product value through innovation and technology incorporation are establishing itself as successful strategies at enterprise level. The need to compete in a global market by providing innovative solutions to the products and services our industry has replaced the competitive strategy based on a cost model. Innovation should be the main driving force for any business that aspires to grow and succeed both in the short and long term. The challenges in the development and marketing of products and services involved in reaching customers in an increasingly competitive market are becoming more complex. Agents have a rising need to meet the real needs of consumers and identifying potential customers and the degree of acceptance of products. Organizations are increasingly aware that the ability to obtain an acceptable return on investment in R&D is conditioned by the having at your disposal staff capable of commercializing technology (in all its forms). People are the key; therefore, staff must be educated in all the basic elements required to promote the transfer of technology seen from the perspective of market and business needs.

MRI International (http://www.mri-international.es/en) is member of The Knowledge Agents Alliance (KAA), a global network formed by Knowledge Innovation Market (KIM), MRI International, Knowledge Investors (KI), Tecnova and Chilebras. MRI is an agency of international reference in technology transfer and innovation, and works to provide comprehensive solutions to its customers to increase the return on investment in R&D. With offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Vigo and Santiago (Chile), and presence of the MRI International Network in over 40 countries, MRI is aware of the importance of internationalization to promote technology transfer and therefore its team, methodology and know-how, are designed to offer solutions with a global orientation. This global orientation is consolidated with a team of highly trained professionals with extensive experience in innovation, intellectual property and technology transfer in different areas (technological, legal, economic, financial, etc.) and sectors (Biotechnology, ICT, Materials, Electronics, Chemistry, Medicine, Traditional Industries, Aviation, etc.), with international profiles (France, Italy, Germany, Brazil, the Netherlands, Poland and Ireland) to accelerate the transfer of technology and internationalization. MRI’s methodologies have been recognized by the International Commercialization Alliance (ICA), an association of reference based in Canada for agents to support technology commercialization, and the European Space Agency (ESA), which has entrusted us to analyze, organize and guide the commercialization of its patent portfolio of over 700 registrations.

Are you SLA-Ready? Your essential business guide to cloud contracts and SLAs

When: Wednesday 19 October 2016, 16:30-18:00, Room: Ramon Gomez

Speakers: Nicholas Ferguson, Trust-IT; Janneke Breeuwsma, Arthur’s Legal; Ruben Trapero, TU Darmstadt

Description: This workshop targets small businesses who have to sign a Cloud contract with a cloud service provider and cannot afford legal or security experts to guide them through these critical aspects. Informative and easy-to-follow guidelines take participants through the cloud service lifecycle, from signing the contract to terminating it with special attention to cloud service level agreements. Using real-world examples, the Workshop looks at different types of services and stages in the cloud service lifecycle, offering an essential guide on complex legal and SLA terms, security and privacy levels. Participants will come away with insightful and practical 360° view, whether they are new to the cloud or already using it in their organisation.

The Workshop draws on the SLA Common Reference Model of the EC-funded SLA-Ready project which aims at encouraging greater transparency so cloud service customers know what to do, what to expect and what to trust.

Forget the leap of faith and ‘take my word for it‘ scenarios – be an informed cloud customer.

Integral ideas for ODI

When: Wednesday 19 October 2016, 16:30-18:00, Room: Sala de Juntas

Speakers: Eva García Muntión, RTDI; Esther Casado, CDTI

DescriptionOpen Disruptive Innovation  financial support within the European framework for R&I, Horizon 2020, under the Instrument for SMEs scheme, offers them really great opportunities for accelerating market uptake, growth and return of investment, helping also to ameliorate risk and bring these SMEs closer to private investors.
The purposes of this seminar are to:

  1. Learn the objectives and philosophy of the instrument from the Spanish National Contact Point at CDTI, really active in supporting SMEs in participating in this call;
  2. Learn about the best tools for defining the critical aspects for success in the call and in launching new ICT-based projects to international markets, from a senior consultant having won around 10 Instrument for SMEs proposals and with participation in several entrepreneurial initiatives in the area of e-Health and software services.

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